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Techno - Erasmus Mundus Action

An international degree student applies and enrols as a regular student on the basis of a diploma obtained abroad. Important hereby is to check the admission requirements of the host university. Important documents are:


  • Diploma
  • Language certificates


Double Degree programs offer an unique opportunity to spend a year studying in a Master program in a host university and graduate with two degrees.
Check this possibility in your university and the host university of your choice;
A joint PhD (other names: Joint Doctorate; co-tutelle doctorate) is a doctoral degree awarded by two (or more) different institutions, who share the responsibilities of supervising, coordination and examining a researcher’s work towards a PhD degree. It is made possible through a contract of cooperation between the doctoral researcher, his or her supervisors (one at each institution) and the respective institutions of higher education. Either a joint degree is awarded or a double degree. In each case, the joint responsibility of each of the partners is clearly mentioned on the official diploma.
The formal registration and award of a joint PhD degree is of benefit to the supervisor, whose recognition may in the past have been limited to the mentioning of his or her name in the publication of the PhD degree or in the diploma supplement. A joint PhD is therefore recognition of the involvement of multiple supervisors and institutions in the training of an early-stage researcher and in awarding the PhD degree. However, not every country allows for this.
A joint PhD is also of benefit to the research student. The international experience is not only intellectually and culturally stimulating, but also constitutes an asset in one’s own career development. It is the research student who usually takes the initiative to formalize his or her existing international cooperation into a joint PhD contract. In some cases, this joint PhD may be part of a larger international network of doctoral programmes, initiated by the supervisor(s).